Press Releases

The Austrian media reports regularly about the major transactions especially acquisition which are undertaken by our clients. In some of such reports the newspaper will name the law firm, which has represented the client in such a business transaction. The following we list a selection of some of such reports, where we have been named in the respective newspapers or media reports:

Heritage of Franz West: parties in dispute

Franz Wests estate: Privat Foundation has to return all the art works to the children of Franz West

West Artikel

Franz West: Foundation has to return all of the art works to the heirs of Franz West

Franz West Private Foundation has to return all art works to the heirs of Franz West

Long legal battle over lifework - deceaced Viennese artist Franz West

Franz West Foundation hast to return all of the art works

Franz West Private Foundation has to return all art works to the heirs of Franz West

Austrian court rules in favour of Franz West’s family in legal battle over estate

Unless the foundation appeals the decision, the remaining art in the artist’s estate and the proceeds from any work already sold—altogether “worth many millions of euros”, Kerres says—will be turned over to West’s two children and their legal guardian, Benedikt Ledebur.   

Long battle rages over Franz West’s estate

Zwirner and Gagosian galleries are embroiled in the feud between the Austrian artist’s archive and foundation in the wake of his deathbed decision

Investors against Immofinanz: Bad Bank defends itself

KERRES | PARTNERS win appeal against Constantia Bank

Dr Christoph Kerres reports on banking secrecy

KERRES | PARTNERS wins Immofinanz process: Constantia Privatbank AG widespread "aware of information which gives misleading signals"

Investor will receive compensation of Constantia Privatbank for Immofinanz shares

KERRES | PARTNERS is one of Austria´s leading law firms

Investor will receive millions of damages for Immofinanz

Damages of Constantia Privatbank

KERRES | PARTNERS represents aggrieved investors of Immofinanz

KERRES | PARTNERS represents the estates of world artist Franz West

Christoph Kerres over investment processes against the former Constantia Privatbank